Mega Moolah Mobile Pokies – Enjoy 15 Free Spins, Unique Features, Scatter and Wild!

You want to know everything about this game! Thrilling, fun, full of surprises, and, unquestionably, rewarding. With the 225,000 credits you can win only here, the 15 free spins that can be yours once you win 3, 4 or 5 Scatter symbols, the 3X multiplied credits which you can be yours with great ease, and the unique Progressive Jackpots Bonus you can find nowhere else, there is no controversy your best gambling experience lies ahead of you… simply join and start playing the best mobile game you have ever played!

Most Unique Mobile Benefits!

If you are interested in winning unique and special mobile pokies benefits, Mega Moolah Mobile Pokies is definitely your game. Four Progressive Jackpots is a thrilling random bonus which you can win at any given moment. As you play, you should only expect to see the bonus triggered, with no previous notice, and to find out which payout you receive at the moment. The four prizes that can be won with this bonus are:

  • Mini Progressive, which starts at 10 credits.
  • Minor Progressive, which starts at 100 credits.
  • Major Progressive, which starts at 10,000 credits.
  • Mega Progressive, which starts at 1,000,000 credits.

Are You Ready to Win Free Spins?

Winning free spins while you play Mega Moolah mobile pokies game is easy and a lot of fun as well! Spin the reels, look for the purple monkey, and start playing for free! As three, four and five Scatter symbols (the purple monkey with the red hair) appear on your reels (make sure they are on adjacent reels!), 15 free spins will be triggered right away.

During these spins, beside the fact the background music is significantly more thrilling than the one played during the “regular” mode, you can win real money credits while you deposit nothing at all! Furthermore, all credits won by you are 3X multiplied before you receive them!

And if all of this is not enough, you better make sure you remember that Scatter symbol grants with credits even before the free spins start! Three Scatter symbols grant with 3 credits before the special mode starts, four such symbols grant with 20 credits, and the lucky players who have five Scatters on their reels are granted with no less than 100 credits, before the free spins are even triggered!

Lastly, even two Scatter symbols which appear on adjacent reels grant with credits, even though no free spins are triggered afterward. 2 credits will be credited to the player who have two such symbols.

In case both the free spins and the Progressive Jackpots bonuses are triggered on the same time, the Progressive Jackpots Bonus will be played out first. The Progressive Jackpots cannot be won during the free spins.

Prepare Yourself for a Wild Mobile Game!

The mobile pokies have always been considered wild and thrilling… the unexpected bonuses, the special benefits and the Wild symbol are just a few of the things that make these games as popular and as wonderful as they are these days. Being a top rated game, which can be found in any top rated mobile and online pokies casino, Mega Moolah Mobile Pokies lacks none of these important features!

The Wild symbol, which is the charismatic blond lion symbol, can replace any other symbol that appears on your reels, besides the Scatter, and thus increase dramatically your winning chances within moments. In case you do not have enough symbols on adjacent reels in order to win credits, or in any opportunity to increase your upcoming grant, the Wild symbol will come in handy.

In case two identical symbols appear on adjacent reels, a Wild which will be placed on the right reel will function as if it was the third symbol in the combination. As three of a kind is created, the player can win credits immediately, and enjoy a prize he could not have had just a few moments ago. Four and five of a kind can also be triggered, once the Wild symbol appears next to three and four of a kind, respectively.

Make Your Game More Exciting Than Ever and Choose What Happens Next!

Although nothing is as thrilling as being surprised time and time again by the spin's results, the great bonus you just received and the new features you did not know exist, but you somehow managed to use for your own good… you can also spice up the game by making some decisions of your own and controlling the way things will happen.

Select Your Lines Whenever You Want to!

The first feature you can enjoy from is called Select Lines. You can use it by clicking the Select Lines button, by clicking the numbers that appear next to the reels on your screen, or both. By selecting these lines you can bet on the lines in which the next win could appear, and even increase your bet in respect to the number of lines you choose to bet.

Choose The Size and Number of Your Coins Today!

Coins, and Select Coins, are two features you can also use for your benefit, in any case you want to change the rate of your wager. The Coins feature is controlled by the + and – signs, and by clicking them you can increase and decrease the size of your coins as much as you want to.

Select Coins, on the other hand, is controlled by the button titles so, and as you click it, you can choose how many coins you use in your next spin.

These two features are handy in multiple situations, whether you simply want to play with your wagers, or in case you want to gain greater control over the game. For example, decreasing your bet rate is helpful in case you feel short in cash, yet you want to play as long as possible. The same number of credits will serve you for longer if you choose to use less of them in every bet.

On the other hand, if you feel you are simply on fire, and nothing can stop you, the best decision you can ever make is to increase your bet as high as you can. Once you do this, you also increase your winning potential dramatically, since the higher your bets gets, the higher the credits granted in case you win are.

Bet Max In No Time!

Clicking the Bet Max button will reduce time waste in your game right away! If you understand it is about time you increase the number of coins you use as well as increase your coin size to the max, and you wish to trigger the next spin as quickly as possible, you can make no better decision than clicking this button! Coin size and the number of coins will be increased right away, and the next spin will start before you will even notice. Definitely, there is no better way to start such a thrilling spin, in which you can win more than ever before!

The Benefits of Playing Mega Moolah Mobile

So you already understand Mega Moolah is one of the best pokies games you can play, but have you stopped to ask yourself why it is so wonderful to play it mobile? As a matter of fact, there is no better experience than playing this game via your mobile device! The spectacular graphics, the fun sounds, the ongoing bonuses… all of these are definitely wonderful. However, from the very first moment you start playing Mega Moolah, either online or mobile, you will realize you cannot get enough of it.

So, before you lament for having this game only in your PC, keep in mind it is now available for mobile players as well, make sure you take it with you wherever you go, and never stop playing!