Gold Factory Online Pokies

Since ancient times gold has been the barometer of wealth. Yet until recently, it was believed that gold must be mined, with no possibility of producing it. That is, until now, when the Gold Factory online pokies demonstrates that you can actually produce gold by keeping the factory reels spinning. 

The Gold Factory pokies, available at the online pokies casino, features a wide range of features that will keep the gold pouring out of the factory spout. You'll encounter wild symbols, scatter combination payouts, free spins and three thrilling bonus games. You can play Gold Factory at the Download Casino on downloaded software or at the flash casino on any computer terminal's Internet browser.  Gold Factory is also available as a free casino game so you can enter the casino's Free Mode and practice playing Gold Factory with no deposit requirements. Once you're comfortable with the game's levels, features and rules you'll feel more confident when you enter the Real Mode and play for real cash prizes. 

Get Da Gold

Early bush settlers always dreamed of striking it rich but until the gold rush hit California in the 1850s, they never considered that the rugged Australian outback could harbour mines of gold. That is, however, exactly what they found when they started to dig – huge stores of gold, hidden in the rivers and under the stones of the thorny underbrush in Australia's vast, remote interior. 

Once word reached Australia of the riches discovered in California, Aussies wanted to get started. At first, the ruling British discouraged the idea, believing that the already-small work force would be destabilized by a mass exodus from the population centres.  The British colonial government was worried that such a move would shake up the fragile economy but when Australians began to migrate to California, the British changed their mind and the Australian gold rush was on.

Within a short amount of time the British became avid supporters of the search for gold and offered incentives to gold prospectors who were finding gold fields in locales as disperse as Castlemaine, Halls Creek, Orange (later named "Ophir"), Ballarat, Clunes and around Sydney. In addition to the hardy Aussies, early gold prospectors included Chinese immigrants.

Everyone worked hard and significant gold was discovered. But if those gold diggers had known that, a few years down the line, people would be producing the precious metal through manufacturing, they would have moved to the factory. 

Today, you don't need to toil in the hot sun to find the gilded ore that lies below the ground. Enter the Gold Factory in the online pokies and spin your own gold with base game payouts, bonus game wins and free spin achievements.  

Play to Win

It's much easier to achieve your gold at the Gold Factory pokies than through old-fashioned searches but you need to prepare so that you get everything right. You'll spin the reels to create matching combinations, with every three matching symbols producing a real money payout. Symbols include old-fashioned digging machines, piles of gold coins, piles of gold bars, wagons of gold and more.

You'll see Mr. Goldworks, the manager of the Gold Factory, standing by in his coattails and top hat, ready to take you on a tour of the premises. Other symbols include a factory monkey, boats ready to ship the gold to far-off lands and modern drones that help to locate gold deposits. 

Your own winnings will pile up as you spin your reels and complete your combinations. If you achieve two matching symbols plus one Gold Factory Logo Wild symbol, the Wild will substitute for any of the other symbols and act as the third symbol to complete your payline and signal your win. 


Scatter combination payouts are triggered by two Bonus Coin scatters. When two scatters occur simultaneously, you'll receive the scatter combination payout. The scatter symbols do not need to occur on enabled paylines nor on side-by-side reels. Scatter wins are calculated by multiplying the scatter combination payout by the number of coins that you bet on the spin that created the scatter win. 

Three scatters, emerging together in any pattern, activate the Gold Factory bonus round. 

Bonus Games

More gold spills out of the factory in the Gold Factory pokies bonus games.

Bonus Game #1 is the Free Spins game.  To play the free spins bonus round, identify the free spins symbol in the Gold Factory boiler room. Spin the reels and watch for the two-digit number which will tell you the number of free spins that you have been awarded. 

Bonus Game #2 is the Bonus coins game. Whenever three or more bonus coins occur, scattered in any position on the reels, the Bonus Coins game begins. The game opens with twelve barrels of gold. You pick four of those barrels. Each barrel conceals a random bonus win value so your final payout will involve a total of the amounts indicated by the four barrels that you chose. You can win a possible 619,000 coins in this game. 

Bonus Game #3 is the Reactor Game.  Enter the boiler room and find the Reactor symbol, which displays during both the regular game and the free spins round. When you find the reactor symbol you'll launch the Reactor Game in which 12 chambers display. Pick your chamber and discover your win. These payouts are multiplied by the amount of coins that you deposited.  If the Malfunction symbol emerges during the Reactor game the Reactor Round ends but you can still collect your consolation prize. 

You can also add your other casino bonus promotions to your Gold Factory online pokies wins to keep the gold flowing. Casino promotions include a Welcome Bonus of match bonus gaming credits on your initial deposits during your first week of casino gaming, Loyalty points that you accrue on your gambling activities and monthly and seasonal contests and draws 

Start stocking up on your gold supply as you play Gold Factory online pokies for real money at the Australian online casino.