Kings of Cash Mobile Pokies

You'll love the chance to enjoy the fun that you’ll have with the Kings of Cash Mobile Pokies game. We all love cash, of course, and we all love the idea of making money and being around money. So, with the Kings of Cash Mobile Pokies game, you’ll have the joy of being surrounded by money and the things that it can buy. What is included in this real money mobile pokies game? All sorts of fun things.

Here, you’ll see kings of each suit and they are holding all sorts of money. There are symbols here too that relate to money. These include a box with jewels, a chair for royalty, a fancy coat of arms and other things. The game set up with the online pokies casino games is a five reel and 15 payline set up with 300 coins.

Getting Started

Now, as you start out with the Kings of Cash Mobile Pokies game, there is a lot to watch for and see. The Kings symbol is the wild one and the money bags is the scatter. If you see three of the money bags or even more on the reel you’ll see yourself with a win and you’ll get into the mobile pokies bonus game.

At this part of the real money mobile pokies game you’ll have 25 free spin and within these free spins you can win as much as ten times in multipliers. During the free spins section of the mobile pokies bonus game, you can have even more free spins. This happens if you have the Royal Banner symbols scattered on the reels during the free spins part of the game.

Even More Fun

Now, with the real money mobile pokies game, you’ll get to the mobile pokies bonus if you have three or more crown symbols. There is a jackpot here that goes as high as 300,000 in this part of the game.

Your job when you’re in the Kings of Cash pokies section here is to match symbols. There will be twelve cards that are seen face-down. Your goal is to find three cards that have a king on them of one suit. There is also a gamble feature if you win a round.

The gamble feature works so that you make twice as much money if you pick the right color of card and quadruple your money if you select the right suit. All of this adds up to awesome fun with the online pokies casino games.

Have a blast playing today. This offers you another layer of ways to win as you play the game. You can find yourself expanding your win by guesing the right color or suit.

Something for Everyone to Love

There is something here for absolutely every player to love. The game isn't too complicated which means that you can really enjoy it in a hands-on way and have a blast with it. You can always start out in demo mode if you want to and then move to real money mode when you're ready. But you'll quickly see that it's not too complicated a game and that it offers many ways to follow along, play and enjoy.

Anyone can enjoy playing Kings of Cash pokies, and having a great time. And when  you play in real money mode, there are many great ways to try to win and to have a chance to do so. These combinations of features add up to a great game that everyone will enjoy as he plays.